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Resilience and Robustness

Posted on Apr 18, 2016 | Dani Coulthard Print Friendly and PDF

When we talk about good mental health, there is often a big focus on building resilient behaviour. Resilience is the concept of getting back up after you have been knocked down, pulling yourself out of a dark place into the light again. But in all the focus on resilience, the idea of a robust sense of self can often get lost along the way. Robustness is not having to get knocked down in the first place. Rebuilding yourself and relying on resilience time after time is very taxing on mental health.

To build a robust character can take time, but self-actualization is the key, no to be a caricature of a strong unfeeling individual but your strongest self. One behaviour that should be avoided is the cycle of self-pity. It can have a crippling effect on your outlook on life if you constantly look down on your achievements and your goals. This usually happens when you start looking to others, and comparing yourself to them. A robust individual lives for their own goals and values in life, and treats negativity like noise in the background, far away from the foreground of living.

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