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Social Skills Tips for Parents

Posted on 2016-02-26 | Kristin McGuckin Print Friendly and PDF

As a parent, you want the best for your child, emotionally, financially and socially. Social interaction for a child is a fundamental part of their development, especially with children around their age group. A pro-active approach to getting your child to interact with kids their own age is important, as you are a primary facilitator of their social engagements.

There is no one formula for ensuring that your child gels socially with other kids, and the activities and social interactions that you give them must reflect the interests and attitude of your child. A great way for an active kid to interact with his peers is to join them up in a local sports team. Depending on their age, you might have to try out some sports with them first, to determine what sport they like and whether they are interested in a team.

However, sports teams aren’t for everyone, and although they are great for exercise and for building friendships, pushing sport onto an unwilling kid doesn’t give them any lasting social benefit. For a more introverted or creative child, you could take them to a children friendly library and just wander around. This can give great social benefits for your child, where they can interact with like minded kids and foster social relationships that way. It’s all about finding kids like yours, with similar interests that can form lasting bonds.


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